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Questions and Answers

Do I need to bring anything to the farm?

  • A limited number of hand saws are available at the farm.  Please, no power saws.  If you need help cutting your tree, just ask!

  • Dress warm and wear boots.  The field is a natural environment with uneven surfaces, so watch your step while walking about.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash or credit card. 

Are pets allowed?

Well behaved pets on a leash are allowed.  Must clean-up after your pet.

Photography at the farm

We encourage you to take photos while finding your tree!  If you would like to have professional photos taken at the farm, please have your photographer book a session through our website.

How do I care for a live Christmas tree?

  • Before you bring your tree into your home, make a fresh cut to ensure the tree can take up water.  Sap quickly seals the end of the tree after cutting so this is important to ensure your tree is healthy throughout the season.

  • Keep away from heat including heaters and vents.

  • Water daily!  Set a reminder to check the water level in your stand each day.   Your tree may take up more water the first few days so be prepared.

How should I secure my tree?

We have twine available if you should need it to secure your tree to your vehicle prior to leaving the farm. Bring a tarp or old blanket if you need extra protection from sap or scratches.

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